Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Although our end goal is to build a smart plan that provides financial security for a family and surviving spouse, ZFS’s approach to life and long-term care insurance depends on the age of each client. For our young couples, an inexpensive term life insurance policy may provide peace of mind, ensuring that a surviving spouse could continue to live in the family home and send a child to college. For middle-age and older folks with more disposable income, we may recommend a permanent policy with either cash-buildup options or a long-term care insurance rider.

Long-term care insurance should also be part of the financial conversation as we age. As an active, healthy or younger person, you’ve probably never considered how a long-term care event could affect your family and finances. But the reality is staggering: Medicare doesn’t cover most long-term care, and Medicaid only kicks in once a person has depleted assets to poverty levels. Plus, the nationwide average for a private room in a nursing home is more than $84,000 per year. The best time to talk about a crisis is before it happens. ZFS can help your family start the conversation and plan for long-term care to ensure that you’re prepared for the life changes we all face.

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